Spiral mixers with fixed bowl Spiral EvO


The SPIRAL EVO range includes 8 spiral mixers with bowl capacities ranging from 50 to 300 litres (dough capacity: 2 to 200 kg).

The SPIRAL EVO mixers are fast, versatile and compact, making them the ideal accessory for achieving top-quality results with all types of dough.

At the end of the cycle the dough is perfectly mixed, aerated, and well developed – exactly what you need to create a bread that’s full of flavour!

Control panels available :

  • The “Touch Control” control panel brings an entirely new user experience to the SPIRAL EVO. The interface is sleek, clear, and astonishingly easy to use!
  • Electronic control panel with settings for programming different mixing times at each speed (1 and 2), and a PANEOTRAD® program that allows the user
    to set resting times too.
  • Electromechanical control panel with two timers and two control knobs: one for independently adjusting each speed, and the other for selecting the bowl rotation direction (only on models with a bowl capacity of 80L or more).


Compatible with

Danish Bakery

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The advantages

Mixing quality:
– Control of dough heating
– Constant quality, whatever the amount of dough in the bowl
– Better dough oxygenation

– Low noise
– Cover retention system
– Easy cleaning
– Intuitive operation

• Work on small kneaded
• Versatile: suitable for all types of dough
• New mode dedicated to Paneotrad (type E)

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