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The SPIRAL EVO range includes 8 spiral mixers with bowl capacities ranging from 50 to 300 litres (dough capacity: 2 to 200 kg).The SPIRAL EVO mixers are fast, versatile and compact, making them the ideal accessory for achieving top-quality results with all types of dough.

At the end of the cycle the dough is perfectly mixed, aerated, and well developed – exactly what you need to create a bread that’s full of flavour!

The Touch Control control panel brings an entirely new user experience to the SPIRAL EVO. The
interface is sleek, clear, and astonishingly easy to use!

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The advantages :

  • Recipe” mode guides users step by step through their work, with the option of defining rest phases or reminders to avoid forgetting ingredients.
  • Dough temperature is measured using the built-in infrared sensor (additional option). The mixer can be configured either to stop automatically when the specified temperature is reached, ornto carry on but emit a warning.
  • Free choice of settings for personalised use: the mixer adapts to the different profiles of bakers, whether experienced or beginners.
  • Manager” mode for controlled access to settings and recipe modification.

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