Our CSR approach

Since 1922, we have been proud to provide professionals with our ovens, proofing cabinets, dividers and mixers.

At Bongard, our mission is to be the privileged partner of all bakers and confectioners, offering them quality equipment and innovative services as part of an sustainable approach.

In 2022, we have redefined our strategic priorities and are committed to structuring our CSR approach. This work is involving the Management Committee, as well as the company’s employees, and several working groups have been set up with the aim of obtaining CSR certification by 2025.

Environmental footprint

We have been working for many years to limit our environmental footprint. This starts with our supply chain, over 90% of which is centred in Europe.

We are working to recycle the materials used in our production processes and to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Numerous actions have been implemented at our industrial site:

  • Consumption of raw materials: precise monitoring and optimisation of scrap rates, waste recycling, re-use of packaging wherever possible, double-sided paper printing, etc.
  • Energy consumption: precise monitoring of energy consumption since 2003
  • Investments: widespread use of LED lighting, replacement of old heating systems with more energy-efficient models, insulation of buildings, improvement of our production facilities with the investment in a new laser cutting tool in 2022, which has reduced our electricity consumption, and limiting the use of gas in favour of compressed air.

We are committed to the durability of our equipment, with spare parts available for 15 years.

  • Our furnaces are 90% recyclable
  • We are a member of Ecosystem


To integrate eco-design into our product development process, we were supported in 2022-23 by the CCI Grand Est and Climaxion in the Sustainable MakCCIng pathway. Today, eco-design is an integral part of our product development processes.

The life cycle analysis of our products (ovens) has revealed that it is the use of our equipment that has the greatest environmental impact, via the energy spent on its operation.

That’s why we support our baker- pastry chef customers in their efforts to save energy by providing information and training in best practice. We also support the “Baisse les Watts” (Lower the Watts) programme.

Our efforts have already been recognised and rewarded at regional level with the Alsace Export 2023 Trophy, in the CSR/Sustainable International Development category.

Our CSR approach

As a company in the metallurgy sector, we have chosen to join the UIMM*’s CSR approach, with the aim of integrating social, societal and environmental concerns into our overall industrial performance.

*UIMM – Union of Metallurgies Industries, the French largest union of employers.

The first step in this process is the certification of the UIMM’s CSR Commitment Charter, obtained in November 2023. The assessment tool is based on 5 approaches, offering a comprehensive view of the various CSR levers:

Governance & strategy
Social – HR
Development / Products / Markets / Services
Production and environmental impact
Company ecosystem

These approaches are broken down into 25 challenges (5 challenges per approach) representing overall industrial performance for VSEs/SMEs in the metallurgy sector.

This approach is a key step in our concrete commitment to sustainable and responsible growth.

Following this initial assessment, we have committed to 3 priority improvement actions, to be carried out over the next 3 years :

  • Identify and track extra-financial data
  • Define and formalise our corporate values and code of conduct
  • Carry out a carbon footprint assessment

Our daily challenge is to innovate in favour of quality, reliability and performance, while reducing our impact on the environment.

After more than 100 years in the service of the baking industry, we have inherited its values. Essential values of high standards, pleasure and sharing, which commit us to our employees, our stakeholders, the environment and society.

Our approach is a long-term one, and every day we strive to do better.