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Energy conservation with Orion EvO

As energy prices keep rising, we encourage all Orion EvO users to discover or rediscover the features that allow them to control and influence their energy consumption.

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Denis BARON “Le Croissant Doré ” | La Rochelle

«“I really like the flavour of Paneotrad® bread. Resting it in a tray for 24, 48 or even 72 hours gives it a nice sourdough taste, it isn’t bland, has personality and the crumb is well dimpled. I have a team of 11 bakers. It's funny because in each shop, although they follow the same recipes, they produce a different taste. Each baker leaves his own mark, his signature. " »

Read the entire testimony in our last Forum'Mag Issue n°70 (in French)


1922-Four-Gueulard copie

Bongard, a leading group

A success story since 1922

Carte Bongard

115 persons manufacture the equipments 350 salesmen and technicians in France 450 salesmen and technicians worldwide

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