Resting cabinet « chest » type RP


RP is a resting cabinet with carriers and a manual loading/unloading system.
It is used after dividing the dough, to promote gluten relaxation during the first rise and make the dough easier to mould. When closed, RP maintains a constant environment which helps the aromas to develop and prevents crusting.
Thanks to its small footprint, RP can easily be integrated into any artisan bakery. Its high storage capacity and user-friendly design make bakers’ work easier.

RP comes in several sizes for different needs. Thelargest model can hold up to 160 large (1 kg) dough pieces.


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The advantages

  • Reduced space requirement
  • High storage capacity
  • Very easy to use
  • Silent operation
  • Adapted for use with any moulder
  • Can be used with a divider thanks to the plug on its control panel

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