Dynamic intermediate proofer IK


• 4 models and 4 configurations available for each model
• Total number of usefull pockets: 168 to 376, depending on models
• Dough piece weight: from 200 to 1000g
• Output: from 900 to 1500 p/h


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The advantages

• A wide range of storage (from 168 to 376 pockets)
• Comfort:
– Centralized control of the bread plant
– Silent
– Inspection window
– Automatic resting cycle

• Hygiene:
– UV lamps to prevent mold
– Smootth surface and outside panels in stainless steel

• No sticking of dough pieces:
– Entry flour duster
– Humid air removal fan
– Felt lined dough piece transfer device
– Pockets mad of nylon mesh


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