Convection combi oven Alcor Bake


The convection combi oven Alcor Bake is dedicated to prebaked bakery products, pastries, Danish but also snacking products and catering offer cooked on-site.

It is available in 2 models, 6 or 10 trays 400×600

It also accept slides for GN1/1


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Compatible with

Pastry Danish Crusty bread Snacking Bakery Delicate product Catering

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The advantages of convection combi oven Alcor Bake

• 3 baking modes: convection mode, combi mode and steam mode
• Automatic washing system
• Settable ventilation speeds (7)
• Touchscreen 10’’
• 115 presaved recipes in the control panel, classified by categories
• Possibility to create up to 500 recipes with customizable folders
• Automatic steam vent opening device
• Synchronised cooking end time (Stop Synchro’ mode)
• Simultaneous cooking operation (Multi Chrono’)
• Pre-heating mode settable up to 300°C
• Available with electromechanical control panel

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