Convection combi oven Alcor Cook


The convection combi oven Alcor Cook is dedicated to prebaked bakery products, pastries, Danish.

Thanks to its high efficiency steamer, it can also bake snacking products and catering offer cooked on-site.

It is available in 2 models, 6 or 10 trays 400×600

It also accept slides for GN1/1


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Compatible with

Pastry Danish Crusty bread Snacking Bakery Delicate product Catering

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The advantages of convection combi oven Alcor Cook

• 3 baking modes: convection mode, combi mode and steam mode
• Aditionnal Steam production with boiler
• Smart humidity control device HygroControl
• Automatic washing system
• Settable ventilation speeds (7)
• Touchscreen 10’’
• 115 presaved recipes in the control panel, classified by categories
• Possibility to create up to 500 recipes with customizable folders
• Automatic steam vent opening device
• Synchronised cooking end time (Stop Synchro’ mode)
• Simultaneous cooking operation (Multi Chrono’)
• Pre-heating mode settable up to 300°C

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