Rack convection oven Mizar


MIZAR is an electric convection oven that can hold baking racks of up to 460 mm wide and 800 mm deep.

Compact and durable, MIZAR fits easily into small spaces and is versatile enough to bake a wide variety of bakery products and pastries one right after the other.

Its SENSITIV’2 touchscreen control panel offers numerous possibilities, enabling it to adapt to the work patterns of all bakers and pastry chefs.


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  • Compact – 780 mm wide
  • Versatile, with options: Steam system and Ventilation speed variation
  • High-performing, thanks to its Fresh Air Inlet system and highly intensive aeraulic research
  • Suitable for baking racks measuring 400 x 800, 400 x 600 and 460 x 800 mm

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