Proofing cabinet HERA


The proofing cabinet HERA are available in two different versions to fit all your needs: Hera-P, a reach-in cabinet, available with one or two doors, & Hera-C, a roll-in cabinet. The proofing cabinets can accelerate the rise of the dough, slow it down or even retard it for a set period. Their temperatures range from -15 to +40°C.

It allows a large variety of doughs to rise : from bread doughs (white, special or traditional French doughs), brioches, leavened doughs, pizza doughs etc.

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Danish Snacking Bakery

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  • Intuitive, sleek, touchscreen control panel
  • A cabinet that respects your dough
  • Adjustable humidity levels (30%-99%) and temperature (-15 to +40°C)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Door opening side is reversible on site
  • The tropicalised unit allows for optimal use both in summer and winter
  • Proofer supplied assembled, ready to be be connected

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