Paneotrad EvO®


PANEOTRAD® is a unique and patented process for separating and shaping the dough pieces. It replaces 3 machines (divider, moulder and resting cabinet) and reproduces. Traditional hand moulding with 3 moulding dies, it is possible to create up to 6 different shapes, simply by combining the cut-outs.

Tested and approved since 2006, PANEOTRAD EVO® is used to increase oven productivity and to have fresh bread available all day long.

Baguettes are ready in less than 30 minutes!

With PANEOTRAD EVO®,you will be able to guarantee high quality, consistent, bakery products, both savoury and sweet, regardless of dough type: traditional, multi-grain, brioche, doughnuts, short crust pastries etc.

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Compatible with

Snacking Cold dough Bakery Hydrated dough

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The advantages

• Exceptional bread-making quality
• Save time in the manufacturing process
• «Just in time» production
• Wide variety of shapes:
– 30 matrices available
– Over 60 shapews possible
• Simple and ergonomic use
• Helps staff to be multifunctional
• Better quality of life at work
• Compact, fits into the smallest baking surfaces
• Easy cleaning
• Significantly limits the spread of flour dust
• Safety audited by an independent body

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