Hydraulic divider Mercure 4


MERCURE 4 is a high-output hydraulic divider that can divide up to 20 kg of dough into 20 equal pieces. Optional grids are available to transform the machine into a combined divider-moulder.
MERCURE 4 is fast and easy to operate. Its user-friendly design takes the hard work out of dough division.

The versatility of this divider means it can handle a wide range of products, including bread rolls, baguettes and large 1 kg loaves. It can be used for all kinds of doughs, including those containing seeds or other added ingredients.


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The advantages

  • Precise cutting
  • Good distribution of the dough in the bowl
  • Dust control system
  • Comfort:
    – Ergonomic control panel
    – Very silent (<65db)
    – Stop & Go Technology
  •  Easy cleaning:
    – Automatic lifting of the cutters
    – 3 removable stainless steel housings (no tool necessary)
    – Smooth surfaces, stainless steel frame
    – Aluminium tank
  • Light, easy to move machine (stainless steel grip handle)
  • Seamless finish
  • Safety audited by an independent body

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