Hydraulic divider Divimach


Semi-automatic hydraulic divider

• Dough pressing & dividing (10/20)
• Rectangular stainless steel bowl
• Bowl volume: 29,4 litres
• Dough capacity mini. : 4 kg
• Dough capacity maxi. : 20 kg


Compatible with

Danish Bakery

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The advantages

• No unnecessary pressure on the dough
• No risk of tearing the dough
• Favours better rounding and moulding as the dough pieces are all identical
• Silent
• Easy to clean thanks to its smooth sur-face and the automatic release of the blades
• Possibility of adapting a grid to cut the dough into buns, square or rectangular loaves, triangles on the AG and AGP.
• Electric locking of the blades to prevent the tray from rising
• Reduces flour dust thanks to a gasket between the top of the bowl and the anti-adherent plate of the lid


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