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RHEA is a mechanical sheeter which laminates the dough in a precise and careful way, with small quantities as well as large quantities (up to 8kg of dough in the largest model).

Its quality sheeting, which doesn’t tear the dough, as well as its ease of use make RHEA the ideal ally for “Home-made” products.

Ergonomic and multi-purpose, it can sheet all types of dough such as puff pastry, sweet and savoury pastry, marzipan or even sugar paste.

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Pastry Danish Snacking

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The advantages

  • Quality sheeting without any risk of dough tearing
  • SmartBlue synthetic belt

Easy use:

  • “Easy pass” anti-tear rollers
  • Very straightforward thickness adjustment
  • Stainless steel dough recovery rollers
  • Dual “hand or foot” controls that adapt to the user’s preferences (RHEA MANU-S and RHEA MANU-SC models)
  • Ergonomic cutting station
  • Anti-static belt for reduced dusting

Easy cleaning:

  • Built-in, stationary flour tank (RHEA MANU-T) or removable flour tank (RHEA MANU-S and RHEA MANU-SC)
  • Flour recovery tray (RHEA MANU-S and RHEA MANU-SC models)
  • Belt can be washed with a damp sponge

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