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With the DIVAIN sourdough fermentation tank, you can mix, ferment and preserve your own liquid leaven. The preservation mode maintains the leaven for up to 72 hours without any need for refreshing. Leaven – a natural leavening agent made from just flour and water – enhances flavour, gives a more open crumb, and helps baked products stay fresh for longer.

DIVAIN guarantees a constant, consistent supply of liquid leaven so you can create unique breads and baked goods.

Liquid leaven can be used in all kinds of bakery products, including speciality loaves, white bread, brioches and pastries.

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  • User-friendly and easy to use:
    – Touch control with a programme mode to create cycles for preserving
    leaven for up to 72h
    – 4 castors (incl. 2 with brakes) and 2 stainless steel handles for easy
    – Quiet (< 70 dBA)
    – Soft-closing lid supports to hold the lid open
  • Precise:
    – The rotation speed of the mixing tool can be adjusted as often as required
    – Infrared sensor to display the amount of leaven left in the tank
  • Easy to clean:
    – Stainless steel tank and structure
    – The mixing tool and dispensing valve can be removed without tools

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