SATURNE EVO planetary mixer


SATURNE EVO is a planetary mixer with a bowl size from 20 to 60 litres and 3 tools: whisk, beater and spiral. It can be fitted with reduction kits and a scraper.

Easy to use and multi-purpose thanks to its 3 interchangeable tools, SATURNE EVO is a must have for all pastry chefs and bakers who want to produce a wide range of products.

Whether you want to make smooth doughs, whipping egg whites, making mousses, creams and light whipped creams an ocean of possibilities awaits you!


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Les avantages

  • Easy to use
  • multi-purpose thanks to its 3 interchangeable tools :whisk, beater and spiral
  • Scraper (optional) to optimise time
  • Optional reductions sets for working on smaller productions
  • 3 types of control pannels adapted to different users
  • 2 transparent lid types, easily removable without tools

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