SPECIAL GAME 100 years of Bongard

OUR SPECIAL GAME 100 years of Bongard is officially over! We thank all participants and hope you enjoyed the game ☺️

The winners of our 3 draws are :

⭐️ x10 wall clocks designed especially for our anniversary, showing not only the time, but also the date, temperature and humidity

  • Raphael H., France
  • Mickael D., France
  • Ahmed E., Côte d’Ivoire
  • Nacim K., Algérie
  • Hakim H., Algérie
  • Anthony J., France
  • Benjamin L., France
  • Michael K., Belgique
  • Nicolas D., France
  • Stéphane R., France

⭐️ x10 sets of Limited Edition clothing

  • Julien P., France
  • Mohamed D., Algérie
  • Jean-Louis B., France
  • Federico G., Argentine
  • Sophie R., France
  • Kenny C., France
  • Hakim H., France
  • Thomas L., France
  • Nicolas D., Belgique
  • Hamza B., Algeria

⭐️ x10 2-day training courses on the “Respectus Panis® and the “Paneotrad®” production process, given by the Ambassadeurs du Pain at the Bongard showroom in Holtzheim.

  • Xavier C., France
  • Armand Q., France
  • Dominique B., France
  • Steven S., France
  • Cédric D. H., Belgique
  • Melvin M., France
  • Sylvain P., France
  • Adrien G., France
  • Axel D., France
  • Guy K., France
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