Twin-arm mixer CALYPSO


The CALYPSO twin-arm mixer is designed for all bakers and pastry chefs who want to return to the kneading of yesteryear for all their products, regardless of the hydration level or the quantity of flour to be kneaded.

Dough: from 5 to 64 kg
Flour: from 3 to 40 kg
Pouring water: from 2 to 24 L

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Compatible with

Danish Crusty bread Bakery Hydrated dough Delicate product

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The advantages

• Suitable for all dough types thanks to its regulator
• Kneading very hydrated dough (up to 100% depending on the type of flour)
• Low aggressiveness
• Excellent oxygenation
• Control of dough heating
• Wide pouring range
• Lid retainer system
• Silent equipment
• Easy to use control


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