Twin-arm mixer CALYPSO


CALYPSO is a twin-arms mixer that perfectly reproduces the artisan‘s manual movement by gently kneading the dough to promote its oxygenation and limit heating.

Dough: from 5 to 64 kg
Flour: from 3 to 40 kg
Pouring water: from 2 to 24 L

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Compatible with

Danish Crusty bread Bakery Hydrated dough Delicate product

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The advantages

• Suitable for all dough types thanks to its regulator
• Kneading very hydrated dough (up to 100% depending on the type of flour)
• Low aggressiveness
• Excellent oxygenation
• Control of dough heating
• Wide pouring range
• Lid retainer system
• Silent equipment
• Easy to use control

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