The cookie is the most popular biscuit in the world!

Round, soft, with chocolate chips, as a snack, with coffee, as a dessert… All occasions are good to enjoy this little treat !

When we say “Paneotrad®”, you probably imagine baguettes and buns. But what if we suggested you go further?

Make your cookies with Paneotrad®!

Did you know that Paneotrad® allows you to make 60 identical cookies or 80 mini-cookies in less than 3 minutes!

Today, Jean-François Fayolle, Meilleur Ouvrier de France in baking, offers you his recipe for Cookies.


“For me, PANEOTRAD® has renewed the prestige of the baker profession and given him a wide berth in his creativity… and I love that!”
Jean-François Fayolle, MOF* baker in 2000, French Champion and bronze medallist at the European Cup, shares his experience in this video.

Passing on his know-how, promoting the bakery profession and giving a helping hand to the young, Jean-François Fayolle inspires people by enhancing the value of artisanal crafts.
He works with traditional French native flours, flours of the old times and offers authentic and traditional recipes that respect the dough.
In 2011, he adopted the PANEOTRAD® dividing and forming process, a Bongard innovation that became his true inspiration. Today, he is helping to set up the PANEOTRAD® in bakeries as an expert of the exclusive BONGARD dealer network.

*MOF or “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” is a competition for craftsmen, held in France every four years. The title is a unique and prestigious award.