BONGARD : More than 25 years of innovation

The company was founded by Oscar BONGARD at Oberhoffen sur Moder. At the time, the objective was to repair baking equipment damaged in the Great War. But, very rapidly, the construction of ovens was grafted onto the original activity. The first patented oven was a brick oven with direct intermittent heat.

1946 At the end of the war, BONGARD presented an oven heated indirectly by slightly inclined “Perkins” steam tubes.

1948 In order to extend its premises, BONGARD built a small plant at Holtzheim, next to Strasbourg. From this point forward, the company started to produce semi-metal, then completely metal ovens.

1956 Oscar BONGARD developed a new type of steam oven using the annular tube technique. As of 1958, BONGARD proposed an improved version, the “58”, a steam oven with natural circulation powered by a thermo-siphon. This system offered the possibility of working on several levels and, thanks to the natural circulation of steam, obtaining good heat distribution in the oven.

1962 This year saw the arrival on the market of  BONGARD, the “CYCLAIR” with belt-loading of the oven. Fitted with a burner, an exchanger, a turbine and a recycling inversion valve. Very reactive and flexible, the CYCLAIR rapidly became very popular with bakers.

1961 BONGARD presented the AMBASSADOR, a new oven recycling combustion gases.

1966 Presentation on the market of the SUPER AMBASSADOR oven with double recycling of gases which was a  genuine revolution in the field of recycling ovens.

1967 After many years of research to equal the ideal baking quality of brick ovens of the turn of the century, BONGARD filed an international patent on steam tubes arranged in a loop around a refractory steel hearth.
Economical, silent, with high inertia, the Cervap (Cercle Vapeur) was born. This oven, which is still a bestseller today, considerably contributed to making BONGARD a reference in the baking-pastry-making equipment sector.

1972 The first oven heated by electric elements was born.

1975 BONGARD launched the first oven with rotary rack, the “G1”. It was thus possible to bake a rack of 180 baguettes at a time, in 24 minutes.

1980 The emergence of super and hypermarkets encouraged the company to engage in growth operations.

1981 Creation of the first pulsed air fixed rack oven, the “Jedair”.

1985 The new German subsidiary, BONGARD Gmbh was established the same year.

1986-90 First external growth operation: The BONGARD company took over the MARCHAND company, a manufacturer of bakery machines and its subsidiary CEREM (Centre d’Etude et de Recherche Electro-Mécanique), a manufacturer of water coolers and intermediate proofers with trays. BONGARD later acquired EVENCO (1988) as well as LOISELET (90) and ESMACH in 1990.
That same year, BONGARD marketed a new “8.60” revolving rack oven for 600 x 800 mm sheets, designed for “small bakery” requirements. BONGARD became the majority shareholder of ESMACH, the second ranking manufacturer of bakery equipment in Italy.

1996 STRAFOR-FACOM sold its majority stake to the SCHROEDER Investissement group. After the change of shareholder, BONGARD changed its status to become a Limited Liability company with Board and Supervisory Committee. Its registered office was located at Holtzheim.


1997 Launch of the Oscar oven (winner of the “Janus du design” award), a rack oven capable of baking up to 152 x 250 g baguettes on 19 levels or 96 x 400g loaves on 16 levels. Available in an electric or fuel-gas powered version, Oscar was designed for industrialists and artisans wishing to produce large quantities of bread.

2000 The SCHROEDER fund sold its shares to a new investment fund, the 3i group.

2001 Launch of the new generation OMEGA electric deck oven. The use of sophisticated electronics allowed a considerable leap forward in terms of energy savings and baking quality.
The worthy successor of the ELECTRON, it gradually took over and replaced it definitively in 2005.

2002 BONGARD joined the AGA FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT group to form the world leader in equipment and service. This new synergy allowed BONGARD to offer its customers a considerably extended product range.

2003 Creation of the DROAB, the first version of a rotary rack oven aimed at the American market owing to its specific suspension system. It was adapted to other markets in a 10.83 version, more compact than its predecessors, accepting up to 1000 x 800 mm formats.

2006 Marketing of the latest product in the OMEGA range, the 6-level version in a single 800 m track. Bongard once more offered cutting edge technology perfectly satisfying the needs of artisan bakers: more baking surface and less floor space… By improving the features that determined the success of its predecessors.

January: launch of Paneotrad
 December: The English AGA group sold its “Foodservice” division (to which BONGARD belonged) to the Italian group ALI S.p.A.

2008 The range of BSP plate blast freezers was upgraded by two new models in addition to the BSP 9: the BSP 5 and 15-plate models.
The Cervap Compact Double loop (or DB) was launched: its smoke temperature cooling system was covered by a European patent.


January : The SIRHA trade show provided the opportunity to present two new key products for BONGARD:
- The DIVIMACH semi-automatic hydraulic divider
- The Série 4 rotary rack oven range and its new modular steam appliance, the ESG, covered by a European patent.

September : BONGARD revealed its new electric deck oven called the "Omega 2" and its most extensive range in the market to be progressively marketed over the coming months.
Featuring the Intuitiv’ electronic touch screen control as standard, developed in partnership with SIEMENS, the Oméga 2 promises to continue and prolong the success encountered by its predecessor!

2010    The showroom was built