TEBoreal Positive

The advantages

  • Exceptional bread-making quality
  • Save time in the manufacturing process
  • «Just in time» production
  • Wide variety of shapes:
    • 30 matrices available
    • Over 60 shapews possible
  • Simple and ergonomic use
  • Helps staff to be multi-functional
  • Better quality of life at work
  • Compact, fits into the smallest baking surfaces
  • Easy cleaning
  • Significantly limits the spread of flour dust
  • Safety audited by an independent body


Paneotrad is a machine originally designed to make traditional style breads. It is now adapted to all types of bread-making in which the priority goes to finding a relatively irregular structured bread crumb (with large holes). Revolutionary in its concept, the use of Paneotrad respects the dough’s structure, without degassing or using stressful operations involved in traditional dough dividing and moulding. The crumb is well-structured, more resistant, while remaining soft, elastic and remarkable in flavour.
Paneotrad® is a simple, multi-purpose machine which provides a wide range of working solutions, both in various manufactured product forms and in the bread-making process itself.
With the Paneotrad®Evo model, even more product forms are available as users can remove a die from the die holder very quickly on their own.


Operating principle

The user starts by positioning the «dividing tray» which contains the dough (previously stored in the tray at 4°C for 24 to 72 hours) inside Paneotrad®.
Then he selects the working mode he wants: forming, or simple equalisation. (A 3rd «cleaning» mode is also available.)
Before he launches the working cycle, the user chooses the dividing combination from the 6 possibilities provided by the 3 dies (that are fitting the die holder) and determines the equalisation pressure to be applied to the dough: «hard dough», «soft dough» or «no equalisation».
When the Paneotrad® working cycle is complete, the shaped dough pieces may be sent directly for baking.



The different phases of the Paneotrad process

  • Kneading
  • Placing of the dough in a tray and proofing in an intermediate proofer at 2° for 24 to 72 hours
  • The process of moulding/shaping dough pieces by Paneotrad
  • Finally, the dough pieces are placed in the loader and baked



  • Matrices, tray and dividing tray made from a polymer material suitable for contact with foodstuffs
  • 1 clear and balanced access gate, 1 matrix viewing window
  • Mounted on swivel wheels
  • Stainless steel corner columns, gate frames and spacers
  • Painted sheet steel lining panel
  • Electro-mechanical control panel



  • A mould remover which enables the dividing tray to be taken out of the mould remover is delivered as standard
  • A trolley equipped with a flour duster and a folding tray is available as an option. The flour duster’s ergonomic height enables the flour to be spread evenly over the dough.
  • Un support de rangement des matrices amovibles et des bacs de découpe à intégrer sur la machine ou en version murale.




See the video of Paneotrad (french version)


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