Roll-In Retarder-proofer BFC


• Fermentation chamber for racks
– 400/460 x 800 mm,
– 800 x 600 mm,
– 700 x 900 mm,
– 750 x 900 mm depending on model up to 1215 x 800 mm.

• BFC’s are supplied without any rack.
• Cells are defined by their internal width (800, 1000, 1200, etc…) they can be installed side by side
• Door handle on the left unless otherwise specified


Compatible with

Danish Snacking Bakery

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The advantages

• Custom made product
• Electronic regulation
• Electromechanical hygrostat
• Management of the forgotten dough (“sleeping” function)
• Warming-up stages and / or constant increase of the temperature (degree per degree)
• Retarding, slow fermentation or traditional fermentation
• E-coated evaporator for an excellent corrosion resistance
• Refrigeration unit ready for use with refrigerating fluid R 448A
• Use of compressor at a maximal room temperature of 30°C, for higher temperatures tropicalised compressor is required (until 40°C).


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