Blast freezer & conservation unit BSCP


• Blast freezer 9 trays 400 x 600 mm with a spacing of 75 mm
• Electromechanical control panel
• Electronic regulation (with pin type sensor for the blast freezer)


Compatible with

Pastry Danish Snacking

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The advantages

• Blast freezing and conservation mode
• Space saving
• Time saving
• Equipment composed of 2 independent cells with 2 compressors and 2 regulations
• Refrigerating fluid R 452 A which preserves the ozone layer
• Fault management (compressor, pin type sensor, opened door, defrosting)
• Door-open alarm
• Ventilation stops at door opening
• Panels assembled by eccentric hooks
• BSCP can be enlarge up to 7 doors
• “U-Rails” & tray slides with spacing of 37.5 mm, very easily removable

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